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Organic Solution

for everyday living

Grow's organic solution for everyday living provide you an alternative way to live like natural by giving you a comprehensively sustainable solution with 100% plant base organic cleaning range.
(also really USDA organic certified) 

*This catagory, only for wholesale under manufacturing order only

  For more details, please contact us via given address.

Bottle liquid

Bottle liquid : For your baby bottles or everyday use in cleaning your household dishes

Playmat cleaner

Playmat cleaner : For intensively cleaning everything that need special look out for your baby

Toy & acc. cleaner

Toy & acc. cleaner : Cleaning your baby's toy that need to put in their mouth without causing any harm.

Fabric softener

Fabric softener : Use after washed with detergent for beautiful scent and delicate touch

Air freshener

Air freshener : Balancing your surrounding atmosphere for your overall healthy.

Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent : For cleaning babies or household wears

Intimate detergent

Intimate detergent : For cleaning children or family underwear

Floor cleaner

Floor cleaner : For cleaning your house's floor

Rub rub hand spray

Rub rub hand spray : For cleaning yours and your baby's hand when in need among traveling

Swimwear detergent

Swimwear detergent : Diligently cleaning chlorine's trace without leaving anything behind

Etc. | TBA | For more information, please contact our given address.

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